What qualifications do you have?
I have four years of training through the VCTC in the therapies I offer, as well as anatomy & physiology and nutrition advice.  I continue to update my training and I have also completed a three year Foundation Degree in Complementary Approaches to Healthcare.  I feel this has given me a wider knowledge in my area of interest and has enabled me to improve my practice.  I am a member of the FHT (Federation of Holistic Therapists) which verifies that I am adequately qualified and insured.

What experience do you have? 
I have practical experience with a wide range of clients of all ages, specializing in those who have a long term conditions.  

Do I need lots of space in my home?
No, just enough room for my massage couch if you are having a massage.  I will bring everything I need with me, you just need to relax.

What happens during a treatment?  
On my first visit, I will ask you some questions about you, your health and your lifestyle so that I can give you the best treatment I possibly can.
For a massage treatment, you will need to undress appropriately, for which you will be given privacy and towels to cover yourself with before I return to the room.
Once your treatment is over, you will be given a few minutes to come around before I go through some aftercare advice.

Does reflexology tickle?  
Because reflexology involves pressing points on the feet, it really doesn’t tickle!

Does reflexology hurt? 
Some areas of the feet may feel tender or painful, but once the area has been worked, this usually subsides.  Treatments are always carried out within your pain barrier and your feedback is essential.  On a whole, reflexology is not painful, but very relaxing.

I have an illness; will I be able to have a treatment? 
There are very few illnesses where treatment cannot take place or be adapted to suit the client.  On occasions it may be required to obtain your GP’s permission. 

Anna Marie Therapy - Massage
Anna Marie Therapy - Foot and head massage